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RaceCapture App: Pit stop timer for endurance racers!

We just dropped a RaceCapture app feature: the Pit Stop Timer. We heard just maybe this could be useful for you endurance racers. Here’s a demo video:

Smart Features

We added some smart features to prevent unintentional triggering, like when you’re not racing or just moving around in pits. Speed thresholds are currently fixed to 35 mph hot speed limit ; 55 MPH “you’re now racing” threshold, but we’ll follow up with making it configurable.

Connected via Telemetry

Want to keep track of your last pit stop times on Podium?  We’ll connect that as well, so all of your pit stops times will show up along side your telemetry data.

Get it in the Google Play Store Beta

This pit stop timer is available in app 1.5.0, and you can get it now on the google play store by opting in for the RaceCapture Beta. Make sure you first un-install the production app first, if necessary. If you’re already on the Beta – great! It should update to 1.5.0 soon, if not already.

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