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RaceCapture firmware 2.12.0 officially released!

After extended testing under endurance racing conditions, we’re happy to announce the RaceCapture 2.12.0 firmware is officially released.


Over 21 fixes and improvements

The 2.12.0 firmware is available for:

  • RaceCapture/Apex
  • RaceCapture/Pro MK3
  • RaceCapture/Pro MK2
  • RaceCapture/Track

See the full write up in our beta announcement to learn what’s in the 2.12.0 firmware!

Already Running the 2.12.0 beta?

If you’ve been running the 2.12.0 beta release, no need to re-flash firmware – it’s exactly the same firmware image.  Just carry on!

Not running 2.12.0? Update Today!

You can find the RaceCapture firmware in the downloads page.

Some notes:

  • Be sure to download the correct firmware that matches your hardware version – RaceCapture/Apex, RaceCapture/Pro MK2, MK3 or RaceCapture/Track
  • Back up and save your configuration before upgrading your firmware – you can restore it after the firmware has updated.

Please report any problems you have in the forums – wins and fails. We need the feedback so we feel confident making this an official release!

How to upgrade firmware:

Full Change Log

= 2.12.0 =
* Added obd2 channels capacity in getCapabilities API #940
* Increase number of OBDII channels from 5 to 10 for RaceCapture/Track; 10 to 20 for RaceCapture/Pro #936
* Increase number of direct CAN mapping channels from 5 to 10 for RaceCapture/Track #936
* Switch to newlib nano toolchain to conserve memory #904
* Increased memory savings in RAM and flash #904
* Allow any OBDII mode, treating any mode not 0x01 as an 'enhanced data request', enabling mode 0x23, etc. #915
* Support 32 bit PID requests #924
* Auto detection of 29 bit OBDII vehicles to support Honda, and similar #890
* Add lua function to expose current predictive time #929
* Ensure RELEASE_TYPE_BETA correctly enables watchdog #935
* Ensure direct CAN mapping channels are initialized to 0 after they are added #930
* Resolve pulse per revolution < 1 issue with Lua bindings around getTimerRPM and related functions #928
* Ensure direct CAN channels are registered correctly when uploaded to unit #927
* Fix incorrect direct can mapping with bit mode and big endian #926
* Complete missing implementation of slow counter mode for timer channels #925
* Prevent false-positive error reading phone number from SIM before cell module is ready #923
* Increase OBDII query timeout to 500ms to account for certain ECUs that require longer queries #922
* Complete missing implementation for passive mode OBDII #920
* Increase robustness of GPS initialization #919
* Rename .zip artifact for RaceCapture/Track to RaceCaptureTrack to correctly identify product #914
* Improve debounce logic for new switch on RCP MK3 #901


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