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AIM SmartyCAM direct CAN integration

Faster, easier AIM SmartyCAM integration

If you’re already running the RaceCapture <-> AIM integration, we’ve uploaded a starter configuration that uses the new direct CAN mapping capabilities released in the RaceCapture 1.9.0 firmware.

If you’re learning about this for the first time – you can add real-time telemetry to your AIM system just by linking a single cable between your AIM data hub and RaceCapture/Pro!  Read on for details:

RaceCapture/Pro not included

RaceCapture/Pro MK2 shown, also works with RaceCapture/Pro MK3 and RaceCapture/Apex (with custom cable)

Major benefits

  • Higher performance – the mapping runs at full speed within the RaceCapture firmware, which means improved responsiveness.
  • Easier to maintain – you can make changes through the simplified, touch-oriented interface-  including customizing channel configuration, units conversion, and more.
  • Simplifies your Lua script – so you can use it for specialized tasks, such as automatic GoPro triggering!


Try it today and let us know how it goes!

We’ve updated our AIM SmartyCAM integration guide with a starter configuration and instructions on how to import into your setup.

We want to hear from you – drop us a note in the Forums or in the RaceCapture Facebook support group on how it works with your system!

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