RaceCapture/Pro V2 app and firmware – beta release

We need your help!

We’re getting very close to the beta release of the RaceCapture/Pro V2 firmware and app, and there will be a ton of new features to enjoy.  RaceCapture/Pro users: we need your help testing the new firmware and app so we can make it the the most compelling Motorsports telemetry system possible! Got programming skills and want to help out? Hit us up at [email protected] !

Modern, touch oriented interface

Our goal is to support all major platforms on desktop and mobile/tablet. That means Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android will be supported.  Touch optimized, you won’t need to lug your laptop to the track ! The Beta release will first support configuration options for RaceCapture/Pro, but we will quickly follow with dashboard and analysis modes, ultimately combining the current RaceCapture Mobile dashboard and the new app into one awesome app that rules them all.

CAN Bus and OBD2

Using the CANx expansion module, you’ll be able to stream OBD2 channels using an OBD2 adapter cable or integrate with custom CAN-enabled devices using the built-in Lua Scripting language.

Predictive Lap Timing

In addition to calculating and reporting lap times, we’ve added a predictive timing algorithm and separate channel – so you’ll be able to see the anticipated current lap time, while you’re racing!

Automatic Track detection and configuration

 Maximum convenience! Store up to 40 race tracks right on RaceCapture/Pro.  When the system is powered on and acquires a GPS lock, it will search for a track in the area and automatically select it. You’ll also be able to specify a track map that is locked in for specific scenarios.

Track configuration view

Multi-Sector Timing

On top of lap times you’ll be able to time up to 20 sectors and stream them individually over telemetry.

Stage Rally / Hill Climb / Time Trial / AutoX track mode

You’ll be able to configure separate start and finish lines to support Stage Rally, Autocross, Hill Climb scenarios and more.  Later, we’ll be adding launch detection for precise start timing!

Streamlined Channel configuration

We’ve simplified channel configuration without taking away flexibility. One big feature is you’ll be able to pre-load a calibration from a list of known sensors, speeding the set-up time!  For custom sensors that can’t be pre-calibrated, like steering angle, throttle position and fuel level, we’ll add wizards that will guide you through the calibration process.

So much more

There are a ton of stability, timing improvements and other small features too numerous to mention. We’re tremendously excited for you to use it and hear your feedback.