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An accurate, linear output temperature sensor for about $10?

At Autosport Labs, we like sensors with a predictable, accurate, and linear output. Even though we can map the temperature curve of any sensor, adding enough smarts to sensors to provide linearity and accuracy is quite appealing. When the sensor can be designed as a powered, active sensor,  you can also eliminate external components like the pullup resistors seen in […]

How to add a coolant pressure sensor and avoid a rookie mistake

Know before you overheat, not when you’re overheating Installing a coolant pressure sensor gives you the advance warning you need to handle a coolant pressure leak and avoid a time consuming failure, or worse – a catastrophic failure like a blown head gasket that will send you and your race team packing and home early. Plus, you’ll […]

New: Milspec wiring and SensorX breakout board

It doesn’t get higher quality than this – our twin conductor wiring is now milspec with some crazy specs – perfect for routing sensor connections around your hot engine. Check out the full specs in the store. SensorX breakout boards This Breakout board will distribute multiple sensor connections and let you shrink wrap it all in-line with […]

Updated SensorX breakout board

Super clean installs We have an updated Updated SensorX sensor breakout board! We’ve make the board more compact and change the pullup resistor spots to a friendlier through-hole design. Use the SensorX board when wiring in sensors for RaceCapture/Pro for a super clean install.  Add the included pull-up resistors for your passive temp sensors, then slip […]

celesco sm1 string potentiometer

30 minute steering angle sensor install

Unlock the secrets of your fast drivers In the mad scramble during the last minutes before our 24 hours of Lemons race we remembered wanting to install a steering angle sensor so we could get the magical full driver data profile: throttle position, brake pressure and the elusive steering angle. Yes, we need all three of […]

RaceCapture/Pro V2 app and firmware – beta release

We need your help! We’re getting very close to the beta release of the RaceCapture/Pro V2 firmware and app, and there will be a ton of new features to enjoy.  RaceCapture/Pro users: we need your help testing the new firmware and app so we can make it the the most compelling Motorsports telemetry system possible! Got programming […]

Race Capture Pro CAN system diagram

RaceCapture/Pro CAN/OBD2 interface

Leverage CAN and OBD2 data streams into your RaceCapture/Pro telemetry system! System Overview The CANx adapter is an interface for CAN bus networks and  2008+ OBD2 ports, complimenting the existing capabilities of RaceCapture/Pro.   CAN/OBD2 data is blended together with the existing RaceCapture/Pro sensors, 10Hz GPS and accelerometer/yaw sensors, forming a comprehensive, high performance data […]

CoilX RPM sensor module now available

The CoilX sensor module is designed to safely convert the noisy, high voltage RPM signal present on most ignition systems into a clean RPM signal for RaceCapture/Pro or other hardware devices.  It’s a tiny, lightweight sensor module that can be quickly soldered with 5 wires and bundled seamlessly into your wiring harness.  Available now in […]