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2.8.7 Firmware Available for MK2; MK1 Development Has Moved

The building never stops. Photo by Till Krech (licensed under Creative Commons 2.0)

It seems like only a week ago we released 2.8.6 firmware for MK2. But you just can’t keep a good thing down. The team is happy to announce the availability of the 2.8.7 firmware for MK2. This release ensures better operation and stability of the Mark 2 unit and also has a long awaited improvement. Here are some highlights:

Say Hello to LUA Bitops

For those who use LUA to handle your CAN messages, you may be familiar with parsing messages and the math involved. To help improve this process, the team has improved the LUA run time by adding BitOps support. This addition should drastically improve your message parsing abilities in LUA. With this addition you will now be able to easily parse out individual bits or bytes of the CAN message. No more fancy math to extract those values. This makes grabbing the data you want to see a breeze. Hackers of the E46 bus rejoice; we know you will find these useful for grabbing data like those tricky wheel speed values! You can learn more about the new Bitop methods here. Happy CAN hacking!

Improvements in Lap Timing

This release includes a few improvements to our lap_stats code that will yield better results on stage courses. Fixes include accuracy improvements when starting a lap (helping fix high distance issues) and a fix to our predictive timing to ensure that it doesn’t report inaccurate information after a lap completes.

Min/Max Values Fixed

A shout out to toga94m for reporting this issue. Our logging code was incorrectly displaying min/max values in the logs, causing issues when folks went to use the new analysis tools in the RaceCapture App. Turns out we had a bug in our fileWriter code. This is now fixed and verified working. Thanks again toga94m for pointing that out!

Lots More in There

You can see everything we see and track the progress of the firmware on our GitHub page. A list of all issues addressed in 2.8.7 can be found under our issue tracker. Check it out if you are curious about all the changes made in 2.8.7. You can even see what is coming up in 2.9.0 if you are so inclined.

Change Log for 2.8.7

  • Properly handle analog linear scaling offset value.
  • Report correct min/max values in log file.
  • Updated telemetry destination to work better with caching services.
  • Remove MK1 code from mainstream dev tree and migrate to legacy branch.
  • Fixes a bug in start logic in the lap_stats code and adds 12 new unit tests to better ensure the stability of that code.
  • Fix predictive time unit by having it return 0 when not in operation. Otherwise it can return invalid data.

MK1 Release in the Works

For all you MK1 owners out there… we haven’t forgotten about you. MK1 is now live in its permanent new repository on GitHub and a 2.8.6 release is already underway. No word yet on when it will be ready. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the issue tracker for hints.

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