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A clean Spec E46 installation

We met up with Hank Moore of Advanced Auto Fabrication to install the latest RaceCapture/Pro MK2 system in his super clean Spec E46 racer – just in time for the ICSCC enduro. And when we say clean – it really is super clean inside and out:


It was a great opportunity to see what a typical recommended installation in an E46 might look like – and it takes just 4 wires: power, ground and CAN bus connections to get a fully working real-time telemetry system running in this race car. Check out the install instructions.

Right near the center of rotation. CAN bus not connected yet. External telemetry antenna will be next!

Once data is streaming you can access your real-time data during and after the race – no SD cards to pull, no cables to connect or files to download – it’s all waiting for you online at

realtime data

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