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Building dashboard LED gauges with RaceCapture/Pro and shift light display

shift light illuminated on bench

One of the most common sensor and dashboard combinations in a race car is commonly known as an ‘idiot’ light. Usually it’s a tiny red LED mounted on a dash that lights up when something in your car is about to explode. Often it’s coolant temperature, oil pressure or oil temperature. Those are traditionally the three most important sensors to monitor and when racing it’s easy to forget to check your gauges. Having a bright red light flash directly in your line of sight is hard to miss! 🙂

Here at AutoSport Labs we just wrapped up the build of the Sequential Shift Lights for the IndieGoGo campaign perks and started to have some fun with them:

After we got that working we started to think, what else could we use the shift light for? Why not idiot lights or sequential lights for various sensors like temperature or yaw? After writing some basic Lua code:

setTickRate(15) --15Hz

--Imma Drifting GOD
function onTick() 
 yaw=getAccel(3) --degrees/sec
 if yaw < 0 yaw = -yaw

 --activate LEDs
 if yaw > 10 then setGpio(2,1) else setGpio(2,0) end 
 if yaw > 20 then setGpio(1,1) else setGpio(1,0) end 
 if yaw > 30 then setGpio(0,1) else setGpio(0,0) end

we had a pretty sweet yaw based drift indicator. Can you keep your drift in the yellow range!?

Soon after we hooked up a temperature sensor and had a super awesome sequential temperature idiot light!

This is just the start of the types of custom things you can do with RaceCapture/Pro and a few sensors. Get your own Sequential Shift Light now and check out our Texense Sensors and other sensors in our store!

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