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The new Megajolt/E MK2 is here

Special pre-order pricing through April 13 Pre-order the new Megajolt/E through our worldwide dealer network or directly for a limited time! The new Megajolt/E MK2 We’re updating the Megajolt/E MK2 crank fired ignition system with a number of important improvements! Learn more about what’s new:   What’s new? The new Megajolt/E MK2 has been evolved […]

New: Milspec wiring and SensorX breakout board

It doesn’t get higher quality than this – our twin conductor wiring is now milspec with some crazy specs – perfect for routing sensor connections around your hot engine. Check out the full specs in the store. SensorX breakout boards This Breakout board will distribute multiple sensor connections and let you shrink wrap it all in-line with […]

shift light illuminated on bench

Building dashboard LED gauges with RaceCapture/Pro and shift light display

One of the most common sensor and dashboard combinations in a race car is commonly known as an ‘idiot’ light. Usually it’s a tiny red LED mounted on a dash that lights up when something in your car is about to explode. Often it’s coolant temperature, oil pressure or oil temperature. Those are traditionally the […]


Megajolt Ignition- Why you should fit one

We’re honored to have our first guest author! Dave Robson, a Formula 750 driver/owner shares his experiences with the Megajolt system. Originally published in the 750 Motor Club bulletin Megajolt Ignition – Why you should fit one By Dave Robson There are a lot of car racing today still using carburetors and distributors. The more […]


Megajolt/C – Next Gen Ignition Control

Note: Megajolt/C is a canceled project and there are no plans, present or future, to complete it. Introduction The Megajolt/C is our next generation crank fired ignition system specially designed to work with the latest in ignition coil pack technologies. What sets Megajolt/C apart from other designs is the absence of built-in coil drivers: by […]


A Special Delivery

Forklift, Please What’s in this crate? Why it’s a shiny, new, custom enclosure for future projects! No, not the red one we blogged about earlier- that’s for the likes of projects such as RaceCapture and Megajolt2. Rather, these are more oriented toward compact designs like the current Megajolt ignition controller and other toys we’re working […]


Megajolt Exposed!

I’ve been kicking around the idea of illustrating the birth of a Megajolt Lite Jr. (MJLJ) Programmable Ignition Controller.  While fulfilling a significant order for one of our major distributors, Boost Engineering, I was inspired to snap a picture of a work in progress. Yes, it’s a step mid-process in the assembly.  And trust me, […]