New Product available: OBDII Classic Adapter

Finally available!

The OBDII classic adapter as featured in our Kickstarter campaign is finally available. Many of you have been waiting seemingly forever and know exactly what it is – so get it now in our online store or from one of our many dealers!


Unlock OBDII data from your 1996-2007 ECU

The OBDII Classic adapter brings OBDII data from pre-CAN bus OBDII vehicles (1996-2007) to your RaceCapture/Pro (MK3 or MK2), RaceCapture/Track, and RaceCapture/Apex system.

How it works


The OBDII classic adapter effectively modernizes your car’s legacy OBDII interface by translating CAN OBDII queries into the appropriate legacy OBDII protocol that your ECU can understand.

This means devices that expect only a modern CAN OBDII interface can transparently work with any OBDII enabled vehicle (1996 – present).

Supported systems:

  • RaceCapture/Track
  • RaceCapture/Pro (MK3, MK2)
  • RaceCapture/Apex
  • Any device that can only communicate with CAN OBDII ECUs, including some AIM devices, and others.

Optimized to get the best performance out of your ECU

The Classic OBDII adapter automatically tunes itself to get the best performance, pulling data as fast as your ECU will allow.  Note, the performance will vary based on the ECU and OBDII protocol supported.

Supported OBDII protocols

The Classic OBDII adapter supports the following protocols:

  • J1850 PWM
  • J1850 VPW
  • ISO 9141-2
  • ISO 14230-4
  • CAN (pass-through)

If your car is 1996-2007, it uses one of the protocols supported by the OBDII classic adapter.  Check with your manufacturer to confirm what protocol is supported on your vehicle.

Note: when connected to a CAN OBDII vehicle, the CAN signals are passed through, and the OBDII classic adapter is effectively bypassed.

What channels will I get?

You’ll get the SAE standard channels that your car’s ECU supports – channels such as RPM, Throttle Position, Engine Temperature, Manifold Pressure, Fuel Level and more – depending on what your car’s ECU supports.


Setting it up is easy

  • Plug the included cable into your RaceCapture system
  • Plug the module into your car’s OBDII port.
  • Turn on CAN in RaceCapture setup and choose 500KBPS
  • Turn on OBDII, and select some initial channels, like RPM and Throttle position.
  • Write the configuration back to your RaceCapture system
  • Start your engine and check your dashboard for data!