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[video] Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ CAN bus data – steering angle, brake pressure, oil temp and more

Luke Fleming, with help from Josh Leask of 86Drift Tuning, tapped his RaceCapture/Pro right into to the firehose of CAN bus data on his Toyota 86. Now he has steering angle, brake pressure, oil and coolant temperature, throttle position, RPM and wheel speeds – all using the direct CAN mapping capabilities of the RaceCapture system. Special thanks goes to […]

RaceCapture firmware 2.11.0 / RaceCapture app 1.9.0 released!

A hell of a release It’s an app and firmware release that marks a serious milestone. It almost seems the amount of thought, discussion and teeth gnashing that preceded it might have consumed more energy than it took to actually make it! Granted – all of that planning and analysis plays into building it correctly the first time, but as […]

Next generation CAN bus mapping

We’ve been working on the next generation CAN bus mapping capabilities for RaceCapture – including RaceCapture/Pro and the new RaceCapture currently on Kickstarter and we have some updates for you! Easy selection of preset mappings Before digging into the powerful mapping features, you’ll have the opportunity browse through and select a matching CAN mapping preset for existing ECUs […]

Link G4+ ECU integration

We’re qualifying formal support for the Link G4 ECU, supporting Link’s Generic Dash 2 profile. Check it out in our wiki, along with many other ECU integrations for RaceCapture/Pro. It’s easy to add custom ECU mappings when it’s just copy and paste. Here’s a demo video of how to do it: Got a burning need for an ECU […]