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New Product: ESP32-CAN-X2 CAN bus development board hardened for automotive environments

For customers wanting to do custom CAN bus enabled sensors and widgets we’ve always recommended they “Get an Arudino + CAN bus shield. Oh, and also get an automotive-grade power supply”. We got tired of seeing these messes of boards and wires in harsh automotive environments, so we came out with a fun development board specifically designed for this task.

Our ESP32-CAN-X2 features the powerful ESP32-S3 with 8MB flash / 8MB RAM, TWO CAN bus ports, and an automotive-grade power supply, to protect against the harsh electrical system you’ll find in cars.

You’ll have endless possibilities:

  • Create a button panel to broadcast messages to your PDM
  • Trigger a relay (with additional support circuitry) via a CAN bus message
  • Illuminate LEDs and indicators based on CAN bus messages
  • Bridge two CAN bus networks with different baud rates
  • Collect data from two different CAN bus networks with different baud rates
  • Isolate traffic between CAN networks
  • Create a “man in the middle” agent, which will help identify the source of CAN messages, helpful for CAN bus reverse-engineering efforts
  • And much more – starter Arduino and circuitpython projects on our wiki will help you get going quickly.
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