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Podium app 0.5.2 – all about the bug fixes!

Featured image: Apex of Failure V8 powered RX7. Thanks Drew Shephardson for the photo!

Taking a breath from the major features around the next gen dashboard gauges, we thought it would be good to do a bit of cleanup around bugs and usability enhancements. Many of these have the goal to make the Podium app easier to use and more responsive. Here’s some highlights; full changelog is at the bottom.

More responsive dashboard loading

We’ve made the dashboard page loading more crisp, responsive and clearly indicates when laps and data are loading, so you’re not left wondering what’s going on!

Fixing the dreaded iOS notch

Let’s face it, nobody likes the iOS notch, and software engineers dislike it the most. We’ve fixed the Podium app so it won’t spill into that notch!

More responsive alerts and alerts fixes

We’ve made the alerts faster responding and fixed issues around specifying alert rules, too.

Get it on all the platforms

The Podium app is also available on all of your other favorite devices:

Android: Download from Google Play beta
iOS: Download from iTunes
Windows: Download Direct
OSX: Download Direct
Linux: Download Direct

Full Change Log

* Added a section to obtain information about the app on the home screen
* Improved experience when opening the dashboard for the first time
* Improved the experience with the dashboard laps list
* General user interface improvements for reloadable lists through the app.
* Adjusts app window to avoid notches on iOS devices
* Improve processing of data from device live streams
* Improves Podium login popup for different screen formats
* Speed up dashboard alerts triggering to gauges
* Fixes Windows file browser opening issues
* Fixes data playback control showing/hiding when live streaming
* Fixes inserting float values in alerts active range
* Fixes error loading default presets
* Fixes LineChart gauge zoom issue when using mouse in Flow Gauge View mode
* General bug fixes do Digital gauge and TrackMap gauge
* Fixes channel min/max overrides not overriding alert editor values
* Fixes stale channels in channel editor after switching between devices with different types/amounts of channel data.

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