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New dealer: Leet Racing

We are excited to announce our newest dealer: Leet Racing! It’s our first dealer in South Africa and even on the continent, and we were thrilled to learn how vibrant the racing community was – especially endurance racing.


Leet Racing is dedicated to supplying the South African racing community and especially also the Locost (Lotus) Racers and racers-to-be with cost effective and quality components for their race cars. A strong focus is on building the current class L running within the South African regional Lotus Challenge series, as well as assisting racers racing in various other local race series. Leet Racing assist with getting rookie drivers on the track, driver coaching, car setup and have a long history in working with race car electronics and management systems. After a successful trial run of a RaceCapture/Pro system in one of the race cars, Leet Racing is proud to be involved with Autosport Labs and will be distributing, installing and supporting the Autosport Labs products in the South African region.


Please visit our social media and website for more info:

leet_racing_racecapture_demo_car leet-racing-at-the-track

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