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Podium App 0.1.0

Podium app 0.1.0 has been released with many usability improvements and bugfixes. We feel we’re maybe 1 or 2 releases away from an actual production release! Get it today for Android (beta channel), Windows, and OSX. iOS will likely wait for a future release.

There have been a number of improvements around the dashboard / channel alerts editor, and a better experience with the flow gauge view, allowing panels to scroll vertically as needed, great for a phone form factor.

Full Change Log

  • Improve layout and usability of Dashboard Alerts editor for different screen formats and sizes
  • Improve playback accuracy of Analysis playback control
  • Fix Analysis Flow Gauge view having too many panels; now vertically scrolls as needed
  • Fix analysis Flow Gauge view where inserting a gauge panel in a specific position works as expected
  • Improve loading speed of channel customization and alerts editor dialogs for Dashboard and Analysis views
  • Add data playback controls for Analysis Dashboard mode
  • Improve color picker for gauges / alerts
  • Invert Digital and TinyDigital gauge text color based on brightness of gauge
  • Fix scrollbar drag problem
  • Fix digits of precision on scatter plot
  • Improve Podium Login layout for small screens
  • Fix tire pressure indicator on overview gauge
  • Fix Overview gauge not displaying for OSX
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