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Podium app 0.3.0 available – Bitmap gauges , text gauges, and more

Bitmap Gauges

Now you can add bitmap gauges to your podium dashboard configurations! Deceptively simple, you can use them to create logos, dashboard backgrounds, and even “dummy lights” – indicators that show a specific condition based on the alert rules you define.

Here’s an example of how you can use it – note this is the RaceCapture app, but the usage is exactly the same.

Text on Gauges

You can now define text messages based on certain data values. Here’s an example of configuring a gear indicator. Again – this is on the RaceCapture app, but the usage is exactly the same for the Podium app:

Performance improvement and bug fixes

We’ve got performance and usability improvements, especially for touch environments, too! See the changelog for full details.

Get the latest Podium app today

Android: Download from Google Play beta
iOS and Amazon Fire: Not yet! possibly next release.
Windows: Download Direct
OSX: Download Direct
Linux: Download Direct

Full Change Log

  • Add text enumerations for digital gauges
  • Add bitmap gauge
  • Use native file pickers
  • Add lap selection boxes lap list to improve usability
  • Improve UI responsiveness when showing trackmaps in lists
  • Improve scrolling on HomeFeed view and improve usability on touch motions
  • Ensure trackmap is centered in cases where GPS trace is out of bounds

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