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Podium app 0.5.0 with next gen linear gauges

Next generation linear gauges!

Completing our trifecta of next-gen gauges, the new linear gauges brings tremendous design flexibility and creativity.

Background, needle, and mask bitmaps

Optionally customize the gauge with a combination of background images to set a custom bitmap; use the mask to constrain what is shown as the gauge changes data (great for sweep or RPM gauges), and then use a custom bitmap to indicate the needle position.

Vertical or horizontal gauges

You can now create horizontal or vertical gauges to make your dashboard layouts as effective as possible.

Choose a custom font

You can also choose a custom font for your dashboard layouts, for extra visual appeal. Who’s going to be the first to use Comic Sans? 🙂

Easy to use editor

Use our easy to use gauge editor to customize every aspect of the gauge, just like with our other next generation analog and digital gauges. You can edit gauges directly on your dashboard, or offline, using your laptop.

Save and share your presets

Like with other next-gen analog and digital gauges, you can create a custom gauge design and then save and share it as a preset for others to use. Or, load and remix a preset shared by another racer! The possibilities seem endless.

Get it on all the platforms

The Podium app is also available on all of your other favorite devices:

Android: Download from Google Play beta
iOS: Download from iTunes
Windows: Download Direct
OSX: Download Direct
Linux: Download Direct

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