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Porsche 981-991 direct CAN preset now available

Now available: Porsche 981-991 direct CAN mapping, with RPM, TPS, and something really cool – 4 wheel brake pressure! Thanks to Sam W. Keller and Angry Croc Racing for sharing their research with the community! To get the preset, just navigate to Setup / CAN mapping and press the cloud update button.

If you try it out, please let us know how it works in our Facebook community or the Autosportlabs Forums. More channels will be added to the preset as research continues.

4 thoughts on “Porsche 981-991 direct CAN preset now available

  1. This mapping is great. On my 982 or 718 I improved a few things:

    The TPS channel needs to be read at 50Hz else it stutters to 0 a lot.

    You can get steering angle from ID 159 offset 2 length 2 in sign magnitude format, little endian. A good formula is to divide by 30.2 to get -100% to 100%.

    You can read the brake pedal at either ID 0 offset 0 or offset 1, unclear which, they look about the same to me.

    1. Hi Jeremy, thanks for the reply! Can we get a copy of your config to update our preset? you can email it to [email protected].

      Regarding the 0 stutter, make sure you don’t have another channel defined elsewhere in the system with the same name (e.g. within OBDII). otherwise they will step on each other.

    2. Hi Jeremy,

      Did you ever share your preset with Brent? I’d love to get steering angle working. Care to share your preset?

    3. Hello Jeremy! I read your comment on ASL regarding steering and brake info. I’m trying to get the same for my 991.1. Can you tell me how you tapped the wires?

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