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BMW M2 F87 CAN bus preset now available

Great news for BMW M2 owners – thanks to Devin McCuen’s determined efforts of reverse engineering the BMW M2 CAN bus, we now have a CAN preset with several valuable channels, such as steering angle, Brake pressure, RPM and throttle position. All in high performance direct-streaming CAN bus – not low performance OBDII!

Per the Autosport Labs tradition, Devin’s M2 is featured on the preset. Nice action shot!


It should work with all BMW M2 2016-2019 and it may work with newer M2’s such as the f80/83 M3/M4 since they use a similar chassis base.

If you try it out on your BMW please report back and let us know the results!

4 thoughts on “BMW M2 F87 CAN bus preset now available

  1. Hi there,

    I see that you tapped into the can network directly and presmably not via the OBD connector, why is that?

    Can I use the supplied OBD connector? I have tried it but get 0 info from the car.

    Also are all units in imperial?



    1. The data is not available from the OBDII connector, you have to tap directly into the drivetrain’s CAN bus.

      The units are metric by default, but can be changed to imperial within the CAN channel screen by editing the CAN channel itself.

  2. Hi it works on my diesel mod race car bmw..

    I’m only looking for charge intake air temp, basically the temperature after the charge cooler.. anyone can help???

    1. Hi, glad you got it working! To discuss getting additional channels to work, please post to one of our communities:

      * Discord server:
      * Forums
      * Facebook

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