RaceCapture/Pro MK4 Lap timer, data logger, telemetry system


Next generation of data, telemetry, and control – now with 4G LTE telemetry option!

Your time on track matters and you want to maximize every minute and dollar toward tuning the engine, honing your racecraft, or finding that extra edge over your competition. As motorsports evolves, so should motorsports telemetry technology: more real-time, extending your reach to the people who matter. Showing you what you need while you’re still at the track, so you can make changes and adapt now, not later. Autosport Labs’ new RaceCapture/Pro MK3 brings flexible data acquisition, predictive lap timing, real-time telemetry, and control to your race car.

Live streaming to Podium


Live-stream your racing to Podium, where you can perform real-time analysis on engine, chassis and driver performance. Share and compare your laps with friends, colleagues, and race coaches around the world. Learn more at https://podium.live


Rugged, plug and play wiring and sensor connections

Connecting sensors is super easy with no crimping, splicing, soldering, heat shrink – just plug everything together like LEGOs!

See our plug and play wiring harness system (harness components sold separately)

RaceCapture app – included

Create your own dashboard and feed your sensor data to the gauges you customize.  Show predictive lap times with real-time +/- delta feedback vs. your best lap, and instantly review your laps right as you come off track. It’s all built-in to the RaceCapture app with user-friendly, touch optimized experience, and it’s easy to get set up and going!

The RaceCapture app works on the devices you love – with Android, iOS, Windows and OSX support. Monitor critical engine data in real time with your iPad or Android tablet standing right at your race car, or run it on a big screen with your Windows or OSX machine to analyze your lap data.

Easy dashboard presets

Get started quickly with one of our system-included pre-made dashboards, or import a dashboard shared by other racers like you!

Design your own!

Want the freedom to design your own dashboards? We have you covered.  Design one from scratch or use any existing preset as a starting point

Dashboard alerts

Save your engine and more by creating alerts for any channel!

Visualizations for specialty sensors

Got special sensors, like tire and brake temperature? We have a dedicated view just for that.

Built in analysis features

Instantly review your laps and runs with the built-in, touch-optimized analysis capabilities – right on your Android or iOS device, or on the big screen (Windows, OSX, and Linux supported)

Wireless everything


WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 are integrated onboard for connectivity to the RaceCapture app on Android and iOS.

Optional cellular telemetry

The optional on-board, high performance, worldwide-capable 4G LTE cellular telemetry provides real-time streaming of telemetry data to the Podium cloud platform. You can monitor engine sensor data, chassis data or perform real-time driver coaching on a lap-by-lap basis – to the pits or anywhere in the world. Visit http://podium.live for details.

The built-in module also works with many cellular carriers, including:

Country Carrier
USA Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, FreedomPop
UK O2, Tesco, Three
EU Lycamobile
Australia Telstra
Canada Rogers
Brazil Claro, Vivo

High performance 25Hz multi-constellation GNSS

An internal GNSS module provides ultra quad-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo) with sample rates at 1/5/10/25 Hz. Position, speed, altitude, distance and GPS statistics are included.

Predictive lap timing

100’s of tracks available worldwide combined with on-board predictive lap timing provides real-time feedback to the driver.

With the included interactive track map builder you can be assured you can roll up to your favorite track and get the lap times and statistics you need.


6 axis accelerometer + gyro

Get 3-axis G-force plus Yaw / Pitch and Roll using the on-board high performance 6 axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – use it to analyze peak cornering G’s, or detect oversteer / understeer situations.

Dual CAN bus


Two CAN 2.0 compliant channels are available, providing baud rates up to 1MBPS. CAN bus data can be mapped to channels using built in OBD-II, direct CAN channel mapping, or custom logic mapping via Lua scripting.   Both CAN channels are available on the M8 connector, ready for our plug and play harness system.

A RaceCapture exclusive: with a flip of a switch in the RaceCapture App you can enable or disable built-in CAN termination – no external resistors to add, switches to flip, or jumpers to set.

Powerful ECU integration with presets

In addition to CAN OBDII support, RaceCapture/Pro MK3 also supports mapping of channels from CAN data streams, allowing direct integration with CAN enabled ECU such as Motec, Link, AEM, Megasquirt – including direct integration to OEM-specific CAN networks, such as found on the BMW E46.  You’ll be able to map data from two different CAN bus channels for maximum flexibility.

Analog, digital, and GPIO output capabilities

8 external 0-5v analog inputs with 12 bit ADC, 4 channel timers for measuring RPM or frequency and 4 general purpose I/O ports for low speed inputs or controlling outputs up to 1A. (open drain)

Onboard SD card logging

A micro-SD card slot is provided for on-board data acquisition file recording. 32GB SDHC cards are supported.

USB connectivity

A standard USB interface for direct connection for configuration, telemetry monitoring, and firmware upgrades.

GoPro™  camera control

Use the built-in WiFi capabilities to control a WiFi enabled GoPro camera using a speed-based trigger, allowing precise synchronization between data and video.

Extensibility through Lua scripting

Design your own custom behaviors using the simple on-board Lua scripting. Trigger a fan or pump based on sensor readings, activate warning lights, create real-time calculated channels, communicate with ECUs and other devices using CAN and RS232 serial communications. The sky’s the limit!

Included in the package

  • RaceCapture/Pro MK4 system
  • Power + CAN1 data pigtail
  • External magnetic mount GNSS antenna
  • Roof mount cellular antenna (if optioned cellular telemetry)
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide

Note: harness components are sold separately; see our Plug and Play harness guide to design the harness that matches your needs


Analog Inputs
Channels 9 (8 external + 1 internal battery/supply voltage)
Voltage range 0-5v
Input impedance Greater than 1M ohm
Voltage Protection 400v (intermittent)
ADC precision 12 bit
Maximum sample rate 1000Hz
Mapping Raw / linear formula / interpolated map
Digital I/O
Channels 4
Output mode type Open Drain
Output current capacity 1A, inductively clamped
Input mode voltage range 0-12v
Input voltage protection 0-40v
Maximum sample rate 1000Hz
Timer inputs (RPM / Frequency)
Channels 4
Voltage Protection 400v (intermittent)
Maximum sample rate 1000Hz
Mapping RPM, Frequency
Voltage Reference
Output Voltage / Capacity 5v / 500mA
CAN Channels 2
CAN baud rate 125K, 250K, 500K, 1M Baud
CAN filters 14 per channel
Protocol Support OBDII PID, custom CAN mapping
CAN Bus CAN 2.0 compatible, 1M baud
CAN termination Software controlled
Cellular Telemetry (Optional)
Cellular 4G LTE (North America and worldwide)
Maximum Sample Rate 10Hz
WiFi 802.11bgn
WiFi Modes Access Point, Infrastructure
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
Maximum Sample Rate 50Hz (Bluetooth and WiFi)
GPS Type External active antenna
Sample Rates supported 1 / 5 / 10 / 25Hz
GPS accuracy 2.5M CEP
Inertial Motion Unit
Accelerometer Channels 3 (X/Y/Z) (2G, 4G capable)
Gyro Channels 3 (Yaw/Pitch/Roll) (1000 degrees/sec)
Micro SD Up to 32GB (SDHC)
CAN bus direct mapping 100 direct CAN mapping channels
Channel Support 200
Predictive Lap Timing Built-in
Track Mapping Circuit and point-point
Track maps 200 built in for autonomous auto-detection;
unlimited via RaceCapture app
with interactive track map builder
Sectors per track 20
Analysis Included in the RaceCapture App
Export data format Plain CSV
Dimensions 150 x 85 x 30mm (5.9 x 3.35 x 1.18in)
Temperature range -40 to 85c
Environmental Connectors: IP67 / enclosure IP51
Weight 255g (12 oz)
Physical M12 12P Female for Analog sensors
M12 12P Female for Digital sensors
M8 6P for CAN1/CAN2 data connection
M8 4P for Power/CAN1 connection
SMA for external GPS antenna
RP-SMA for cellular antenna
Power Consumption (max) Main System: 0.6W
With Wireless: 1.6W
With Cellular Telemetry: 8.6W
With Cellular Telemetry and Wireless active: 9.6W

Additional information

Cellular option

Add worldwide 4G LTE cellular, Base System


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