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RaceCapture/Pro Firmware 2.7.7 released

A bugfix release is now available for RaceCapture/Pro MK1 and MK2 that addresses a few minor issues and one important RPM related issue for MK1 users.

Although this bugfix release does not reset your configuration if you’re updating from a 2.7.x release, we always advise you have the latest configuration saved for safe keeping.

Changes in this release:

  • Allow cell module to connect to roaming network (roaming charges may apply)
  • MK1: fix RPM stuck at zero if RPM signal is applied before RCP unit is powered up
  • PWM clock frequency now settable via Lua script, was fixed at 20KHz before.

Download the latest firmware and app in our downloads section, and please post in the forum for help, feedback and ideas!

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