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Lap times and crystal balls

Realtime Telemetry: New cellular carriers A much requested feature for RaceCapture/Live real-time telemetry is the support for additional cellular carriers. Good news: we are testing firmware enhancements for enabling U.S. based AT&T and European carriers like T-Mobile UK and other providers. ¬†Enabling additional carriers requires making the cellular module’s “APN” settings configurable in the RaceCapture/Pro…

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Megajolt/C – Next Gen Ignition Control

Note: Megajolt/C is a canceled project and there are no plans, present or future, to complete it. Introduction The Megajolt/C is our next generation crank fired ignition system specially designed to work with the latest in ignition coil pack technologies. What sets Megajolt/C apart from other designs is the absence of built-in coil drivers: by…

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