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BMW E46 CAN bus telemetry installation kit

Stream BMW E46 real-time telemetry data in less than an hour

With our BMW telemetry installation kit you can stream real-time ECU and sensor data in under an hour!
Works with all 2000 – 2007 BMWs based on the E46 chassis, including M3, Z3 and M Coupe. Great for Spec E46!

Far better than OBD-II

One of the awesome gifts from the BMW engineers is the E46’s internal CAN bus network: High speed data streams directly from the ECU and other sensors – no painful OBD-II lag you see with with traditional approaches. Check out the video:

Installation Kit
Installation Kit
Suggested Installation. Sweet race car not included
Suggested Installation. Sweet race car not included

5 thoughts on “BMW E46 CAN bus telemetry installation kit

  1. Can you do this with GM’s CAN bus? I’m working on an LS3 engine swap, and this would be awesome!

    1. Hi Greg, thanks! We’re checking if the LS3 is simply CAN OBD-II, which would be super easy; or if it’s a proprietary GM protocol, like the BMW E46 is. Know more details, specifically if there’s an internal CAN protocol?

      1. Sorry Brent, didn’t your reply. I’m trying to look into how the GM protocol is done. I’m new to the software side of things. Can I email you more about this?

  2. How did you safely tap into the CANbus lines?

    1. It’s easy to do with posi-taps – they’re likely the highest quality wire tap in the industry. check out the instructions here:

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