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Kickstarter update: Podium, Wifi and timelines

(You can also find this in our Kickstarter page) Podium Launched! First off – Podium has launched! Current RaceCapture/Pro users can live stream data, join race events, compare laps against other racers and more – and soon you will too with RaceCapture.     WiFi Progress The full-meal deal for WiFi support is a pretty huge project. Since […]

RaceCapture Kickstarter: Rev B board is alive! WiFi module! 1.4.3 RaceCapture app!

(You can also find this post in our Kickstarter update!) Got data? SOON. Rev B board: built and smoke tested It’s alive! We got the Rev B board built and smoke tested – meaning, we did basic verification of GPS, IMU (Accelerometer / Gyro) and CAN bus. Passing smoke test didn’t surprise us this time as it’s very […]