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Kickstarter update: Podium, Wifi and timelines

(You can also find this in our Kickstarter page) Podium Launched! First off – Podium has launched! Current RaceCapture/Pro users can live stream data, join race events, compare laps against other racers and more – and soon you will too with RaceCapture.     WiFi Progress The full-meal deal for WiFi support is a pretty huge project. Since […]

RaceCapture Kickstarter: Rev B board is alive! WiFi module! 1.4.3 RaceCapture app!

(You can also find this post in our Kickstarter update!) Got data? SOON. Rev B board: built and smoke tested It’s alive! We got the Rev B board built and smoke tested – meaning, we did basic verification of GPS, IMU (Accelerometer / Gyro) and CAN bus. Passing smoke test didn’t surprise us this time as it’s very […]

RaceCapture app v1.4.2 and RaceCapture/Pro MK1 firmware v2.8.6 released

RaceCapture app: Analysis beta, dashboard and core improvements A number of improvements, mostly around the Beta analysis features but also in the core system and dashboard mode have been added. Get it for Windows / OSX from our software downloads section. 1.4.2 is available as Beta in the Google Play store. Instructions on participating in the […]

RaceCapture app 1.4.1 and RaceCapture firmware 2.8.6 released!

New firmware – a couple of high value fixes and improvements As we’re working towards a 2.9.0 firmware release with tons of major enhancements, we realized there were a few low hanging fruits which would be really easy to get out. So, we present you with RaceCapture/Pro firmware 2.8.6.  Get it now from our downloads page. There are […]

RaceCapture App Analysis: Beta available!

Many months in the making: analysis is now available in the Beta release of the RaceCapture app! Get it below, and post your testing results feedback in the Beta Testers Group or our forums! We’re sure you’ll find quirks and bugs, but hopefully no crashes! Windows and OSX Download the RaceCapture 1.4.0 beta from the downloads […]