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celesco sm1 string potentiometer

30 minute steering angle sensor install

Unlock the secrets of your fast drivers In the mad scramble during the last minutes before our 24 hours of Lemons race we remembered wanting to install a steering angle sensor so we could get the magical full driver data profile: throttle position, brake pressure and the elusive steering angle.¬†Yes, we need all three of […]


Megajolt Ignition- Why you should fit one

We’re honored to have our first guest author! Dave Robson, a Formula 750 driver/owner shares his experiences with the Megajolt system. Originally published in the 750 Motor Club bulletin Megajolt Ignition – Why you should fit one By Dave Robson There are a lot of car racing today still using carburetors and distributors. The more […]


Make mine a Merkur… A crapcan, that is

A new year inspires bold ideas and uncovers new challenges. It seeds the dreamer’s thoughts and creates opportunity. Sometimes the challenge of a new years’ opportunity is so compelling, so inspirational that no amount of pain reliever, water or sleep will make it go away. When the dream is to field your very own creation […]