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Help us test extended BMW E46 CAN channels

Photo courtesy of Tony Harrison with permission (CC-BY-SA)
Photo courtesy of Tony Harrison, with permission (CC-BY-SA)

Got a RaceCapture/Pro and an E46?  We need your help! The 2.8.7 release of the RaceCapture/Pro firmware adds an important feature which lets us extract CAN bus data at a more detailed level.  This unlocks a number of additional telemetry channels for the E46, including individual wheel speeds, fuel level, brake, clutch and more.

We need your help to test our updated script and verify the channels work as expected!

All the channels

All in, we’ve mapped 15 known channels:

  • Throttle Position (TPS)
  • Engine Temperature (EngineTemp)
  • Oil Temperature (OilTemp)
  • Engine RPM (RPM)
  • Steering Angle (Steering)
  • Brake Switch (BrakeSw)
  • Brake Pressure (Brake)
  • Clutch Switch (Clutch)
  • Left Front wheel speed (LFWheelSpd)
  • Right Front wheel speed(RFWheelSpd)
  • Left Rear wheel speed (LRWheelSpd)
  • Right Rear wheel speed (RRWheelSpd)
  • Gearbox Temperature (GearboxTmp)
  • Fuel Level (Fuel)
  • Exterior Temperature (ExtTemp)

Some channels we have yet to verify, and we think it may vary by the particular E46 model. Specifically Brake Pressure and Gearbox Temperature are two channels that still requires confirmation – if you see data for these channels, please let us know the year / model of your E46 so we can note it!

How to test

Assuming you already have your E46 CAN bus integrated with RaceCapture/Pro, you just need to follow a couple of steps:

  1. Update your firmware to 2.8.7. Be sure to save your config before upgrading!
  2. Update your mapping script with our expanded channels script – just download or simply copy/paste the text (ctrl-a / ctrl-c). This script will enable the additional channels.

Once updated, drive around, log some data or just watch the dashboard. Comment here or email us what channels work or don’t work, and include the year / model of your E46!


2 thoughts on “Help us test extended BMW E46 CAN channels

  1. Hi I have e46 m3 abs as a standalone in my car (not an e46). If I use this code do I need to delete out non relevant lines or will the system just ignore them because there’s no corresponding data packets?..

    1. Hi! No, you do not need to change this script for an E46 M3, it will all ‘just work’. If there isn’t any data for the CAN ids that this script is looking for, it won’t output data for those channels. Everything else will work.

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