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RaceCapture app v1.4.2 and RaceCapture/Pro MK1 firmware v2.8.6 released

RaceCapture app: Analysis beta, dashboard and core improvements

A number of improvements, mostly around the Beta analysis features but also in the core system and dashboard mode have been added. Get it for Windows / OSX from our software downloads section. 1.4.2 is available as Beta in the Google Play store. Instructions on participating in the beta.


Notable improvements:

Analysis: track map legends

Now you’ll know what colored track map path represents the selected lap in the view by showing a legend. Also applies to heatmap mode!

Analysis: Auto selection of channels

If you select a lap and no channels are selected, it will automatically select one for you – namely Speed – saving you a step.

Analysis: Show GPS trace even if no track map

Got some lap or run data from a track that has no track map? You’ll still see the GPS trace. Try this with some auto-x runs!

Dashboard: Show only active channels when customizing guages

Only show active channels when configuring gauges – this helps find the channel you want, fast.

Much more

There’s a number of stability and performance improvements in there as well; here’s the big list with all of the improvements:

* Connect to the first RaceCapture device it can detect, regardless of the name provided
* Improve analysis data query performance; don't block user interface for long operations; show spinner
* Improve load time by targeting Android 4.4 / API level 19
* Add selected track name to analysis map view
* Added debugging option for API messages
* Draw GPS path correctly if no track map is loaded
* Automatically select a default channel (Speed) as needed
* Only show active channels in dashboard channel selector view
* Prevent status querying thread from multiplying when re-connect occurs
* Show a lap/color trace legend for selected laps
* Show a heatmap color legend when heatmap channels are enabled
* Make it easier to differentiate heatmap paths by drawing them at varying widths
* Add app version to status page
* Firmware update screen improvements (show reminder to save config before updating)
* Automatically extend min/max values upon importing analysis data
* Made app exit more cleanly / address exceptions on program exit

RaceCapture/Pro MK1 firmware

RaceCapture/Pro infographic1
It’s the original infographic!

Showing more love for MK1, we’ve rolled in a number of changes seen in MK2 2.8.7. MK1 2.8.6 firmware has notable fixes around lap timing, log file formatting and predictive timing. Get it in our software downloads section!

As a reminder, MK1 and MK2 are on different paths now, so version numbers will increment separately as needed.

=== 2.8.6 ===
* Report correct min/max values in logfile
* Fix getLuaSpeed method in LUA to return value in MPH instead of KPH.
* Update telemetry destination to better work with web caching services.
* Fixes a bug in start logic in the lap_stats code and adds 12 new unit tests to better ensure the stability of that code.
* Properly handle analog linear scaling offset value
* Fix predictive time unit by having it return 0 when not in operation. Otherwise it can return invalid data.
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