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RaceCapture/Pro MK4 Launched!

Great news! The new RaceCapture/Pro MK4 is now available! See the full product details – and order today through our dealer network. Read on for the significant improvements for this upgrade:

New Plug and Play harness system

Who doesn’t want the easy button? Even the experts hit it!

The new Plug and Play wiring harness system for RaceCapture/Pro makes it ridiculously easy to connect sensors and CAN bus accessories. Not only is it easy, but also includes high quality, IP67 grade over-molded connectors – no crimping, no heat shrink, no splicing no soldering, and no artisanal wiring needed!

Learn more about how our entire plug and play harness system works

25Hz Cutting edge GNSS technology

RaceCapture/Pro offers the latest in quad-constellaton (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou) positioning technology for unparalleled positioning capabilities. You’ll often see 25+ to over 30 locked satellites!

An additional GPIO output

Our customers are always running out of GPIO connections, so we’ve added one more to the RaceCapture/Pro Mk4 system for a total of 4! Use these to control relays for fans, activate indicator / warning lights on the dashboard, control accessories, and more. Each output can sink up to 1A to ground, and has automatic over-current protection.

Available with built-in worldwide 4G cellular

You can get RaceCapture/Pro with built-in 4G cellular telemetry, for direct streaming to For more information, see the full product information.

Get it today from our preferred dealer network

RaceCapture/Pro MK4 is available right now from our preferred dealer network – order today!

RaceCapture app – included

Create your own dashboard and feed your sensor data to the gauges you customize.  Show predictive lap times with real-time +/- delta feedback vs. your best lap, and instantly review your laps right as you come off track. It’s all built-in to the RaceCapture app with user-friendly, touch optimized experience, and it’s easy to get set up and going!

The RaceCapture app works on the devices you love – with Android, iOS, Windows and OSX support. Monitor critical engine data in real time with your iPad or Android tablet standing right at your race car, or run it on a big screen with your Windows or OSX machine to analyze your lap data.

Easy dashboard presets

Get started quickly with one of our system-included pre-made dashboards, or import a dashboard shared by other racers like you!

Design your own!

Want the freedom to design your own dashboards? We have you covered.  Design one from scratch or use any existing preset as a starting point

Dashboard alerts

Save your engine and more by creating alerts for any channel!

Visualizations for specialty sensors

Got special sensors, like tire and brake temperature? We have a dedicated view just for that.

Built in analysis features

Instantly review your laps and runs with the built-in, touch-optimized analysis capabilities – right on your Android or iOS device, or on the big screen (Windows, OSX, and Linux supported)

Wireless everything


WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 are integrated onboard for connectivity to the RaceCapture app on Android and iOS.

Optional cellular telemetry

The optional on-board, high performance, worldwide-capable 4G LTE cellular telemetry provides real-time streaming of telemetry data to the Podium cloud platform. You can monitor engine sensor data, chassis data or perform real-time driver coaching on a lap-by-lap basis – to the pits or anywhere in the world. Visit for details.

Get it today from our preferred dealer network

RaceCapture/Pro MK4 is available right now from our preferred dealer network – order today!

4 thoughts on “RaceCapture/Pro MK4 Launched!

  1. 1) Does the RaceCapture Pro MK4 replace the old podium connect product. It appears that way, but want to be sure.

    2) Also I assume the MK4 lets you stream live telemetry data to the web. Does it only work using its own SIM card or can it connect to a hotspot.

    3) In either case, please confirm that no additional tablet is required in vehicle to make the stream work.

    4) Can the MK4 also serve as a hotspot for other devices / systems in the car?

    1. Hi James:

      1) Nope, PodiumConnect is its own product, and we also did a refresh on it.

      The difference with PodiumConnect is it is designed to be a “Telemetry add-on” for existing data systems, whereas RaceCapture/Pro is a fully self contained data + telemetry system for people who don’t already have a solution.

      2) with the onboard cellular option it can work with its own internal SIM card in a stand-alone configuration. Using a hotspot, it must broadcast via the RaceCapture/App (the app itself does the broadcast). Detailed instructions here:

      3) To recap, RaceCapture/Pro with the onboard cellular option can broadcast fully stand-alone. Without the onboard cellular, it broadcasts by way of the RaceCapture app on a tablet (see link in #2 above)

      4) No, it is not designed to act as a hotspot.

      We hope this helps answer your questions!

  2. Hi
    i couldnt import a new dash to my car, i have saved it but i cant fingd it on the tablet under screens , what are i doing wrong ?


    1. If you design a dashboard on your desktop, you can save it to the cloud after you log into your Podium account.

      Then, on the tablet, also log into your podium account, and then go to the dashboard editor to load that dashboard saved to the cloud.

      We have a full demo of how to do it, here:

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