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AnalogX and a new Plug and play harness ecosystem!

After many months of R&D, we are excited to announce our new plug and play ecosystem, launched together with the new AnalogX Analog to CAN I/O expander!

Tip of the iceberg

The new AnalogX I/O expander sits at the top of a brand new plug and play harness system. Designed to be plugged together like Lego blocks, you will be able to easily assemble a sensor and CAN network from RaceCapture all the way down to individual plug and play sensors.


CAN Bus Hub

To make a fully plug and play system with RaceCapture, we’ve also introduced a CAN hub that links the systems together.The CAN hub provides power and data connectivity across two CAN bus networks, with 4 ports per CAN network. AnalogX plugs into one of the CAN ports (typically CAN2) and the power input supplies power to both AnalogX and RaceCapture.

RaceCapture RJ45 integration cable

The RaceCapture RJ45 Integration cable connects RaceCapture to the input port of the CAN hub, making for a fully plug and play experience.

Plug and Play sensors and cabling

We provide a full compliment of plug and play cables to complete your AnalogX sensor installation. Starting with the Quad Analog/Digital sensor splitter, you can connect individual sensors, and add in sensor extension cables with just the right length (1-4 Meters) to make the perfect installation.

Non Plug and Play installation?

If you value your time less, or if you have a penchant for suffering through custom wiring, we also have bare pigtails for both AnalogX power+data input and analog sensor connections.

Pre-order from our dealer network

You can order AnalogX and all plug and play harness connections today from our dealer network. AnalogX is in production now, delivery time is within 4 weeks.

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