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Black Friday – Cyber Monday: 15% off store wide!

Enjoy 15% off for nearly every product during Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend! Use the coupon code ASL15OFF to get the 15% off during checkout.



Get the incredibly powerful plug and play RaceCapture/Track MK2 at 15% off, or get a RaceCapture/Pro MK3 system with the sensors you want, or opt for the high end RaceCapture/Apex system – your entire cart is 15% off.


Save  up to $59 on RaceCapture/Track MK2, up to $112 on RaceCapture/Pro or $172 on RaceCapture/Apex


Got an AIM, MoTeC or other Data Acquisition system? Add live-streaming data at a 15% discount with PodiumConnect!


Save up to $69 on PodiumConnect


Add the AnalogX CAN bus I/O expander and the incredible ShiftX2 RGB Sequential Shift light as powerful accessories to your RaceCapture system – it’s all 15% off.


Save $13 off ShiftX3


Save $13 off AnalogX


Even get 15% off the Megajolt Crank fired ignition + accessories!


Save $30 off Megajolt Crank fired ignition

Use the coupon code ASL15OFF to get the 15% off during checkout.

Sale excludes excluding Texense Sensors; coupon code cannot be combined with other coupon codes or promotions.

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