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Analyzing telemetry with RaceCapture/Live and RaceCapture/Pro

One of the coolest features of RaceCapture/Pro is its Real Time Telemetry module which streams data to RaceCapture/Live, where you can view your live race car data while in the pits or anywhere in the world. While watching your data show up on the map and gauges, it’s easy to forget that you can view current and previous […]

european touring car challenge series

European Touring Car Challenge Series – official Data and Telemetry partner

We are proud to announce our partnership with the European Touring Car Challenge Series! As the exclusive Data Acquisition and Telemetry partner, Autosport Labs will work closely with ETCC to get Race Capture Telemetry into every car in the series. Imagine live race data to the pits and on to the web where anyone worldwide […]

Race Capture Pro CAN system diagram

RaceCapture/Pro CAN/OBD2 interface

Leverage CAN and OBD2 data streams into your RaceCapture/Pro telemetry system! System Overview The CANx adapter is an interface for CAN bus networks and  2008+ OBD2 ports, complimenting the existing capabilities of RaceCapture/Pro.   CAN/OBD2 data is blended together with the existing RaceCapture/Pro sensors, 10Hz GPS and accelerometer/yaw sensors, forming a comprehensive, high performance data […]

RaceCapture/Pro firmware 1.2.5 released

This firmware release  is worth making a special announcement as it contains a number of improvements centered around ease-of-use and provides defaults that work out of the box. Get the firmware from the Downloads page and enjoy improved capabilities of your RaceCapture/Pro system! Accelerometer / Yaw sensor smoothing Based on some great feedback from our […]