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FreedomPop’s $ZERO/mo SIM card works with RaceCapture Telemetry!

Breaking news: We just tested the FreedomPop SIM, and it works perfectly with RaceCapture’s built-in 3.5G cellular! Here’s why it’s exciting $ZERO / month plan: The $0/month SIM plan includes 200MB of data – more than enough for a 24H endurance race with a heavy load of sensor channels. Your data transmits for free to Podium! Based […]

RaceCapture App: Pit stop timer for endurance racers!

We just dropped a RaceCapture app feature: the Pit Stop Timer. We heard just maybe this could be useful for you endurance racers. Here’s a demo video: Smart Features We added some smart features to prevent unintentional triggering, like when you’re not racing or just moving around in pits. Speed thresholds are currently fixed to 35 mph hot speed limit […]

ChumpCar and ChampTruck : Official Telemetry Sponsor

Autosport Labs Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with The Chumpcar World Series and The ChampTruck World Series for the 2016 race season as the “Official Telemetry System Provider”. Autosport Labs is the designer and manufacturer of the RaceCapture line of cloud connected, real-time telemetry and data systems. They are located near Seattle, WA […]

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