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Autosport Labs new Lab!

Yes, Autosport Labs is a garage business. One of tens of thousands across this country – and world- that, in aggregate, are making the next industrial revolution. And, the time has finally come where we take that substantial step forward, make that big investment and affirm: “this is much more real”. After many months of […]


Megajolt Exposed!

I’ve been kicking around the idea of illustrating the birth of a Megajolt Lite Jr. (MJLJ) Programmable Ignition Controller.  While fulfilling a significant order for one of our major distributors, Boost Engineering, I was inspired to snap a picture of a work in progress. Yes, it’s a step mid-process in the assembly.  And trust me, […]


Messy business

Messy messy… Working on cars is often a messy business.  Pretending our leaky, neglected and abused LabRat is a race car just adds to the fun! Here’s a gem we just had to share.  Scott asks me for an oil pan to catch drips from the disconnected oil drain.  Not a drop went into the […]