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Announcing: RaceCapture

Meet RaceCapture/Pro‘s little sibling: RaceCapture.  RaceCapture tightly integrates with the RaceCapture app for the easiest plug and play experience yet! Powerful, plug and play data We heard your call, and you want something easy and powerful! Where RaceCapture/Pro is like a swiss army knife of race car telemetry, RaceCapture makes it easy in both installation and setup, providing a wealth of high […]

RaceCapture App beta v1.3.8 – now with in-app telemetry

In-app telemetry – now available! One of the major features required for moving the Android Beta app into production was in-app telemetry, using your smartphone to provide that telemetry link, a convenient alternative to RaceCapture/Pro‘s built-in telemetry module.  This feature has been available for a long time in the trusty but long-in-the-tooth RaceCapture production app. The same RaceCapture app experience, […]

New feature: compare real-time telemetry between different drivers and cars

Not just who’s faster, but why! Lap times only tell you who’s faster. But why? A brand new real-time feature for the Race Capture telemetry system: Compare laps between drivers and cars at the same event. It’s simple- have your friends join the same event, put down some laps and navigate to the event view. There you […]

CAN Bus integration – including reverse engineering!

The curiosity and demand for RaceCapture/Pro CAN bus integration is quite high based on all of the feedback and activity we’ve been seeing. Our friend Zandr showed us this One Cool Hack in Lua scripting that was especially clever: a clean way to map CAN bus IDs to function calls that extract and map telemetry data. Spurred on by his creativity, I […]

AT&T – new data plan option for RaceCapture/Pro wireless telemetry

Just enough data at the right place Good news for you data junkies: AT&T now has data-only plans starting at $15/month for 250MB – plenty for streaming wireless telemetry for a long endurance racing weekend. This is excellent news as AT&T seems to have superior coverage at many tracks, from the feedback we’ve received! Check out […]

Control Mychron3 Dash with RaceCapture/Pro

Open Design + CAN bus support With the open design of RaceCapture/Pro you can do some pretty amazing things. Like control a Mychron3 dash over CAN bus! Current under research- check out the details. We can also receive data from virtually any CAN-enabled system and map them to wireless telemetry channels, streaming live data to the […]