ADD REAL-TIME, LIVE-STREAMING TELEMETRY TO YOUR EXISTING DATA SYSTEMCompatible with AiM, MoTeC, Race Technology and more. Order now!

TIREX: ADVANCED THERMAL SENSOR FOR MOTORSPORTSTune your grip with real-time tire temperature data – and get faster lap times!

Plug and Play CAN bus networks!

The new RaceCapture/Pro, RaceCapture/Track, and PodiumConnect systems also introduces our new plug and play ecosystem. Now, it’s super easy to connect your system to CAN bus sensors and devices, without any soldering, crimping, splicing, or heat shrink tubing. It all just plugs together! What’s CAN bus? How about what it’s not? Before CAN bus, each…

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RaceCapture App 2.3.0 – The feedback release

Tons of fixes – plus one big new feature This time we’re going to lead with the change-log, because nearly everything in this release came from your testing feedback. If you spot your suggestion or issue you reported, thank you for your help in making RaceCapture even better! Hello Change Log! Do you see your…

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RaceCapture firmware 2.18.4 – the stealth release

With the fanfare around the huge release of the RaceCapture V2 app, we kind of buried the 2.18.4 firmware release. This firmware has important fixes and features you should know about! Also, if you missed our V2 app releases, you can catch up here and here. Predictive Timer improvements We’ve fixed a nagging issue around…

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RaceCapture app 2.2.0 with lap recalculation – The Christmas Release Is this the longest awaited feature of the RaceCapture app? Probably. Laptime recalculation will let you calculate laps on a session, after the fact. Why is this important? * It will help recover sessions that didn’t have laps recorded due to a mis-configuration (no track detected)* Apply laps to a session after the fact,…

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Massive performance boost for RaceCapture app on Raspberry Pi?

Here are two tips for massively increasing the performance of the RaceCapture app on Raspberry Pi: Ensure hardware accelerated graphics are enabled The RaceCapture app can leverage the Pi’s GPU for a significant performance boost when running. This shows up as a much more responsive UI – making menus, screen switching, and display updates faster…

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