You get what you pay for

Shortly following our work party we screwed up the nerve to fire up our Miata.  We would like to apologize in advance for what you will have to endure here. Furthermore, we want to stress- this Miata contains no technology produced by Autosport Labs.  Not yet, at least..

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Shock Therapy

The more we dig into this piece of junk the more we start regretting this endeavor. But anything can be compensated for by adding drink and food! Our recent work party was partly a chance for the rest of the team to acquaint themselves with the piece of crap I foisted upon them, extract some…

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The mark of the Speed – Pb

Yesterday afternoon a small band of speed geeks descended upon Seattle’s Slave to the Needle to witness the assimilation of Brent Picasso into a storied and elite group of racing drivers.  This band of drivers all bare the mark of the truly Nerdcore. Brent proved to be a stoic tattoo recipient unlike his simian teammates…

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Busted Chuckles

I have been involved in years worth of weekend automotive build, re-build, repair and part fabrication. Last weekend was my third session with the, now, Autosport Lab Rats turbo Miata. I have come to expect the unexpected obstacles in the way of time and energy efficient completion of a car project. Since I clearly create…

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