RaceCapture app 2.10.7 – Yes Data!

Some small but important fixes You probably already have this version installed from iTunes / Android / Amazon app store – but double check to make sure, and update if necessary. No Data? Yes Data! In the last release, we introduced a problem where sometimes a gauge would show “No Data” for a channel, even…

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Video+data livestreaming update 0.2.0 – local video recording

We’ve released a small update to the video+data livestreaming support for RaceCapture. Wait, what? Video+data livestreaming?! Yes indeed. You can now livestream video+data using your current RaceCapture system! Locally recorded video segments Like a dashcam, RaceCapture’s video+data livestreaming saves locally recorded video files in segments. This protects the overall collection of files against corruption due…

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New Product: String Potentiometer sensor

By popular request, we’ve added a string potentiometer sensor to our catalog of sensors. This sensor is commonly used to measure steering angle – see our original blog post about how to set up a steering angle sensor in 30 minutes. However, It’s not just for steering angles – you can also use it for…

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