An accurate, linear output temperature sensor for about $10?

At Autosport Labs, we like sensors with a predictable, accurate, and linear output. Even though we can map the temperature curve of any sensor, adding enough smarts to sensors to provide linearity and accuracy is quite appealing. When the sensor can be designed as a powered, active sensor,  you can also eliminate external components like the pullup resistors seen in […]

Chad M. NOLA test data

RaceCapture Kickstarter – ramping up final production!

We’re in the final production push for RaceCapture! Check out the latest update on the RaceCapture Kickstarter project. Also, pre-orders for RaceCapture are available for a limited time as well – reserve your system today! A very nice RaceCapture installation Featured in this update is Chad M and his track-prepped 370Z Nismo. Chad was one of the patient early beta testers who […]

RaceCapture App 1.7.5 is here

The new RaceCapture app brings two new core features, a collection of smaller improvements and a slew of bug fixes. It’s one of our biggest releases yet! Get it in your race or street car today Windows and OSX: Download here Android (tablet / phone): Google Play or Amazon App store In-app session recording This is a huge new […]

New Team member: Robin Cole

We are excited to announce our newest team member: Robin Cole!  Robin brings tremendous business and management experience to Autosport Labs, and will be joining us to significantly grow our business development, product launch and go-to-market strategies. Robin’s already having us push our boundaries as a team – in great ways – and we’re stoked for the future […]

RaceCapture App 1.6.0 released! Improved analysis, faster dashboard and more!

Today Autosport Labs is happy to announce RaceCapture App version 1.6.0, which is packed with all sorts of new features and improvements! We’ve added new features to the dashboard, analysis tools and configuration screens, along with some basic performance and stability fixes. Faster RPM Gauge! Performance is a feature, and we’re always on the lookout […]