RaceCapture app 2.2.0 with lap recalculation – The Christmas Release Is this the longest awaited feature of the RaceCapture app? Probably. Laptime recalculation will let you calculate laps on a session, after the fact. Why is this important? * It will help recover sessions that didn’t have laps recorded due to a mis-configuration (no track detected)* Apply laps to a session after the fact,…

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Massive performance boost for RaceCapture app on Raspberry Pi?

Here are two tips for massively increasing the performance of the RaceCapture app on Raspberry Pi: Ensure hardware accelerated graphics are enabled The RaceCapture app can leverage the Pi’s GPU for a significant performance boost when running. This shows up as a much more responsive UI – making menus, screen switching, and display updates faster…

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MoTeC ECU support

Great news! Thanks to the contribution of our amazing community, we now have support for 2 MoTeC ECUs: M84 and the M1 series. It’s easy to add this support to your RaceCapture or PodiumConnect system – just go to Setup / CAN Mapping, press Presets, then press the cloud update button. You will see the…

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MicroPDM CAN preset now available

Great news, RaceCapture officially supports the MicroPDM CAN bus Power Distribution moduleThis preset offers 26 channels indicating port status, current level, and more. Accessing the preset is easy – launch the RaceCapture app, go to CAN mapping, and press the Presets button. Then, under System Presets, press the cloud update button – the new system…

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