RaceCapture app 2.6.0 – with video + data analysis!

Great news! You can now analyze video + data with RaceCapture app 2.6.0. See our recent livestream for how it works: If you want a quick start, download some sync’d video + data examples from our dropbox folderVideo + data analysis currently only works on Windows and OSX; Android and iOS support will be…

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RaceCapture App 2.5.1 – wow another app release!

In about a month we have another app release with some significant improvements! Let’s see what’s in it: Z-index ordering for dashboard and analysis layout editor Now you have better control how your gauge designs can be organized and layered in your dashboard designs. To access the feature, unlock the dashboard, press the edit button…

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Podium App 0.1.0

Podium app 0.1.0 has been released with many usability improvements and bugfixes. We feel we’re maybe 1 or 2 releases away from an actual production release! Get it today for Android (beta channel), Windows, and OSX. iOS will likely wait for a future release. There have been a number of improvements around the dashboard…

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RaceCapture app 2.4.0

v2.4.0 RaceCapture app brings one key feature plus a host of usability improvements. Read on: Upgrade your firmware! Super important! Be sure to upgrade your firmware to 2.19.0 so app-base logging continues to operate correctly. Improvements to RaceCapture app logging The RaceCapture app now logs data according to the Automatic Control settings found under Setup.…

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