RaceCapture/Pro MK4 Launched!

Great news! The new RaceCapture/Pro MK4 is now available! See the full product details – and order today through our dealer network. Read on for the significant improvements for this upgrade: New Plug and Play harness system Who doesn’t want the easy button? Even the experts hit it! The new Plug and Play wiring harness…

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Plug and Play ALL THE THINGS

Our plug and play harness system lets you easily connect devices and sensors to your RaceCapture or PodiumConnect system, without the need to splice, crimp, or heat-shrink connections. Multiple-length cables lets you build a harness that perfectly matches your installation needs, for a simple, reliable, and frustration-free experience! Now we’ve fully documented it in one…

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Plug and Play CAN bus networks!

The new RaceCapture/Pro, RaceCapture/Track, and PodiumConnect systems also introduces our new plug and play ecosystem. Now, it’s super easy to connect your system to CAN bus sensors and devices, without any soldering, crimping, splicing, or heat shrink tubing. It all just plugs together! What’s CAN bus? How about what it’s not? Before CAN bus, each…

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